Share Your Dcard

Instantly Share Contact Info with anyone using the NFC Tapping Dcard, scan the QR code, via a unique link on email, text Message, share on social media channels and more. Anyone can receive a Dcard (no app required).

nfc dcard tap
qr code share

Share using your QR code

Easily share your digital business card with anyone with your unique Dcard QR code. You can even print your code on flyers, newsletters, or a billboard; when scanned, it will always link to your Dcard.

Message or email your dcard

You can message or email your unique Dcard link to your potential customers.

email share
share dcard

Share your unique Dcard link

Want to share your card with someone, but they are not around to scan your Dcard QR code? Easily send the link to your card via email, SMS, Facebook Messager, Whats app, and more.

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