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Dcard is a Mini-website, its a URL link, like Think of it as your own business card website that gathers all your business information. You can easily share your unique Dcard link with anyone using a text message, QR code, email, via social media channels and more. Anyone can receive a Dcard, no app required.

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Australian-owned & operated business. All Dcard data are hosted in a data centre in Sydney & managed by Servers Australia

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Unlock the potential of your networking with Dcard’s impressive array of features. Please browse our meticulously crafted, professionally designed card themes to make a striking statement. Are you worried about privacy? Your data is safely stored in our Sydney data centre (managed by Servers Australia), and our utilised Password Protect Dcard to keep your digital cards secure. Our QR Code Features streamline contact sharing, ensuring seamless connectivity at your fingertips. Elevate your networking game while safeguarding your data with Dcard’s top-notch services.